Sunday, June 6, 2010

Soggy Beauty

Even on a damp and dreary day there is still beauty to be found in the garden. Inspired by Scarlet's posts on Facebook, about finding blooms in her garden, I decided to look for some of my own. Here are some strawberry blossoms. And even some little berries. I hope I'll have enough to make some strawberry jam.

And there are more blooms over by the bird bath. Calla Lilies, which came with the house. Some really lazy pole peas (I thought they climbed the pole by themselves, the way beans do. Nope.) and I'm not sure what those other flowers are. I got them at a yard sale. They are tiny blue or pink flowers that grow on tall spikes. Hummingbirds LOVE them. Which reminds me, I saw a male Anna's Hummingbird today. I've seen many of the ladies but this was the first fellow.

(Click on photo to enlarge.)

And my final picture of the day, my apple tree is absolutely loaded with fruit. Which makes up for last year, when I got only 10 apples.

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