Monday, June 21, 2010

Meet The Girls

Father's Day was a busy one this year. My poor husband got to drive all over, in the pouring rain, doing my evil bidding. We had to drive to the feed store, in Spanaway, to pick up some last minute supplies for the chickens. I got their feeder base, some scratch and oyster shells, and a bale of pine shavings. I love Nature Boys Farm & Pet Supply. The guy there is so nice and helpful. We got to go out back and look at his personal flock which includes some bantams. I hope to have a small flock of bantams in the near future.

On the way home we stopped at the *brand new* South Tacoma Farmers' Market. They were doing really well in spite of the drizzly weather and it being a holiday. Most of the vendors under estimated and were already running out of things to sell by 1pm. The market lasts from 10am until 3pm. I wanted a zucchini start and a dozen eggs but came up empty. They promised to bring more next week. I intend to visit them every Sunday that I possibly can. I am thrilled to have a Farmers' Market in my neck of the woods and want them to be successful. We picked up an acorn squash start and some salmon and asparagus for dinner. Then we hit the food area. I had a taco and tamale. All freshly made and delicious and only $4. Husband had a pulled pork sandwich which also looked yummy. I might have one of those next time.

Once home husband had a few more things to wrap up on the coop overhaul and then it was off to Lacey to meet the chickens. I was expecting to drive to a farm. Imagine my surprise to end up in a subdivision. The little backyard was filled with chickens. Apparently the couple had planned to move to the country but their plans fell through. We stuffed the girls in a box and headed back home. And here they are, getting settled into their new quarters.

The red one is a production red and her name is Laverne. The black one is a black star named Shirley. And the pearl white leghorn is Joanie. Joanie is the eldest and if she isn't already laying she should start any day. The other two will follow, probably sometime in August.

Reggie was way too excited to meet the chickens. He barked and carried on and scared them. But he was scolded and by the end of the day he was getting much better. Rick would take him out to see the chickens every hour or so, and make him sit, stay and just look. We are hoping he gets bored with them soon.

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