Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I Can't Believe I'm Planting Tomatoes In June

This is pathetic. I usually plant mine in late April or Early May. These poor peaked things have been hanging out in the cold frame for over a month.

This morning dawned dry so it was now, or seemingly never. I needed to get the garden all turned and prepped. Here I am in the middle of that job.

The ground was still soaking wet which meant the worms were all close to the surface. If it's true that the better the soil, the more earthworms, I must have some damn good soil. It is packed full of worms of all shapes and sizes. From big honking night crawlers, like this guy....down to teensy weensy babies. Lots and lots of wiggle plows.

And here is the result of my labor. Five tomato plants all settled in. There are four Early Girls and one Yellow Pear.

Now to get some more dry days to plant the rest of the garden. I think I'll probably break down and purchase some starts. I'm too far behind.

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Anonymous said...

We didn't get our garden planted until after Mother's Day this year. Last year we planted early but Ohio gets frost randomly so we had to wait longer this year. On the bright side one of my tomatoes is already blooming :)