Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Drain, Oh!

The girls in our family have long hair and lots of it. And the hubby has a big bushy beard. That means our drains get clogged on a regular basis. Today I noticed that our upstairs bathroom's sink was draining awfully slowly. I could ask the hubby to de-clog it, which he just LOVES to do (rolling my eyes). Or I could try to remedy the situation on my own. I chose the later and remembered that I'd read about a recipe for a homemade drain cleaner. No time like the present to see if it actually works. I assembled my ingredients that included 2 of my all time favorite cleaning/laundry products.....baking soda and white vinegar. Here's what you do. Put 1 tsp of salt down the drain. Then add 1/4 cup of baking soda. Don't worry if you have one of those "self stopping" drains (don't know the official term). You know, the ones with the levers to open and close. That is the type I have in the bathrooms and you can't easily get all the baking soda down there. Just mound it up around the opening, like this.

Now pour 1 cup of white vinegar slowly into the drain, making sure to wash as much of the baking soda down there as you can. Look at all those scrubbing bubbles!

My sink was pretty darned clogged so the bubbles sat there a bit and did their business. Pretty soon the stuff gave way. I let it stay in the drain for an entire 10 minutes and it kept gurgling some more. When the 10 minutes was up I flushed it well with hot water. And no more clog! This is so cool! I feel like a mad scientist.

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