Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Recycled Garden Decor

I admit it. I have rather kitschy taste when it comes to decorating my garden. But it makes me happy. So why not? Today I'll share some of the garden decor items that I've recycled or re purposed. This first one is an old boot filled with hen and chicks. I found this boot 6 years ago, while walking along the side of the road, when we lived out in Spanaway. It was just laying there, abandoned. For some reason I felt I needed to drag it home and make it into a planter. It moved with us to Tacoma and will probably move with me again, when we retire.

Continuing the footwear theme, I recently found this Mexican wooden shoe at a yard sale. All it needed was some dirt and hen and chicks (borrowed from the boot).

Also found at a yard sale was this cherub base. I think its probably meant to hold one of those gazing globes? I added a large plant pot saucer, a couple of rocks and a little ceramic frog. Instant (and cheap) birdbath.

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