Saturday, June 12, 2010

Lather. Rinse. Repeat?

Hear me out. I'm going to tell you how to have a healthier scalp and cleaner hair by using.......wait for it......LESS shampoo. How can that be, you ask? Let me share what I've accidentally stumbled across. Remember a while back when I was experimenting with "no poo"? I was not able to go shampoo less. I have an auto-immune disorder that effects my scalp. Seems my skin really loves its selenium. I am back to using Selsun Blue. But I am now using only 1/4 the amount. My scalp is in the best condition its been in a LONG time. And my hair stays clean much longer. I am not sure why but let me tell you what I did to get to this point. I now only dye my hair with henna. Not sure if that has any bearing on things but I'm throwing it out there, just in case. When I was trying the "no shampoo" experiment I was using baking powder to wash my hair and vinegar to rinse. My scalp rebelled so I returned to my regular shampoo. I was using shampoo with a vinegar rinse for a few days but my hair got too dried out. I switched to washing my hair every other day and began using conditioner once more. Somewhere during this process I had an "ah ha" moment. Ever wonder why the shampoo bottles tell you to lather, rinse, repeat? And have you noticed that the first lather isn't very sudsy but the second time you get lots of suds? You get the suds the second time because YOUR HAIR IS ALREADY CLEAN. So why do we repeat? So we can see suds. We are conditioned to equate bubbles with clean. By washing that second time we are over stripping the oils from our hair and scalp. Resulting in dandruff and dry brittle hair. Which makes us seek out even more products to purchase to remedy the situation. Instead of buying "deep conditioners" to try to replace the lost oils, why not just leave some oil in, in the first place? I have been washing my hair this way for 2 weeks and my scalp is no longer flaky and itchy. My hair only needs to be washed every other day. And it is not dried out like straw. Try it for a week or two and see if you don't have similar results. I now use 1/4 the amount of shampoo and 1/2 the amount of conditioner. Here is what I do:

Rinse your hair really well under very warm water. This will rinse out a lot of the dirt. Now use a quarter size glob of shampoo and rub it in, very well, to your hair and scalp. I use a medicated shampoo so I let it sit on my scalp for a few minutes. Now rinse it very well. Apply some conditioner and rinse. That's it. Don't worry that your shampoo didn't get foamy. Trust me, your hair is clean.

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