Monday, June 14, 2010

First Paddle of the Season

We haven't been kayaking in over a year. I don't know why. Too lazy, I guess. But we are re inspired to get healthy and stay in shape. I am one of those who gets bored out of my mind going to a gym. I'd rather get my exercise the old fashioned way. By working hard, and playing hard. Today it was time to play. We drug the kayaks out of the garage and were dismayed to find that rats had been using them to sleep (and do other things) in. Dirty rats! That meant I would have to give the kayaks a bath before we got to play. Here are the freshly scrubbed boats being strapped to the roof of my hubby's car. This SWIFTY is mine. I call it Baby Beluga. Its a fat little booger but I love it because its so stable.

And here is my husband's boat. I don't think his has a name.

And here we are at Spanaway Lake. It takes about an hour to paddle all the way around. Definitely a nice workout. Off to the right is the boathouse with our boats on the dock, waiting for us to get up enough nerve to attempt to get in. Getting in (and out) of a kayak can be tricky. Especially when its been a while since you did it. I had visions of those old guys on the dock having a good laugh at my expense. At the center top of the picture is Enchanted Island, which is filled with lovely (and expensive) homes. We usually start by paddling around the island and come out on the far side (top left in the picture)....

....then we continue around (top of next picture) and head down to the far end (you can't see that far) and come back up along the opposite bank until we arrive back at the boat launch. Our reward for making it all the way around was to go get lattes from our favorite baristas. Mmmmm...that was damn good coffee.

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