Friday, June 4, 2010

A Neat Edge

Two decent days in a row? You mean I can finally make some progress in the garden? Only about a month behind schedule. I think its time to use that roll of garden edging that's been waiting patiently for a couple of months. I'm tired of having to redefine the garden's edge each spring after the grass has encroached. Here I have the edging in place and have begun removing the sod and weeds from the raspberry bed.

And here is some of the work that awaits.

Reggie likes to help. By help I mean get in the way. "Hey Reggie, look at momma."

"No, over here." He minds like all my other children. He looked everywhere EXCEPT at me (he's looking at the ground). I think he was pouting because I told him to stay.

Meanwhile Singha supervised from afar, while lounging on my jacket.

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