Sunday, June 13, 2010

Last Minute Spring Cleaning

I decided to use today to clear out some more clutter. My daughter just left for Cuba for a year and she had weeded out a bunch of stuff that she no longer wanted or needed. She definitely does NOT take after her mother. Good thing I checked what she was throwing in the garbage. 3 nice duffle bags (not military), a backpack, Converse All Stars, lots of clothes, a camera, 2 flashlights, hats, leather mind was boggled. Why throw away perfectly useful things? I mean, they weren't ripped, broken, dirty...none of that. She just didn't value them anymore. But someone will. I kept the duffle bags, backpack and flashlights. I can always use them to organize, and add to, my disaster preparedness supplies. The rest I spent the day Freecycling. For those who are not familiar with Freecycle, it is a network of local email lists that you can join and either offer, or look for, items that would otherwise end up in the landfill. Some lucky recipient got 3 large kitchen trash bags full of teen clothes, and the Converse shoes. I'm sure they are very happy to have them. And all of that was kept out of the city dump.

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