Friday, June 11, 2010

Slug Soup

I have found this to be the most effective method of slug control. I go out each morning and scoop the little boogers up with a spoon and drop them into this coffee can full of salted water. I was oddly disappointed, this morning, when I only found a single slug to add to the soup. Apparently I am making a huge dent in their population. I am still using the beer cabanas, coffee grounds and a sprinkling of Sluggo, but slug soup is the best.

I may have found a solution for my lazy pole peas. They won't climb the plastic poles but they DO like to grab onto those plants behind them. Maybe they need something with a smaller diameter to grab. I made a makeshift trellis around the poles, using some twine. Will report back on how successful it is.

Speaking of peas, I got my first fruit from my garden, yesterday. While I was tying the twine I noticed this little sugar snap pea. So I ate it. It wasn't very sweet so will leave any others alone until they are larger.

A big thank you to Marti, for this nice barter. I gave her 2 of my tomato plants and she gave me these jars and an apple peeler/corer. I made out the best in that deal.

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