Friday, January 13, 2012

Some Home Movies

Not a whole lot happening here. I'm washing up fabric, getting ready to start little quilts for Reggie and Singha. I need to take out the Singer 600E and get it cleaned and ready for action. I hope to be able to monogram their initials into the center squares of the quilts. I'm also making a sewing wish-list so I can descend on Jo-Ann Fabrics first thing Sunday morning. Jo-Ann is my new best friend. The husbeast has requested I make him some more curtains for his basement work area. And I need a few more items for my quilt projects; thread, batting, fusible web, lots of safety pins....that sort of thing. Today I made some t-bone steaks for dinner. One of the bones looked so nice I decided to give Reggie a treat. He's over 4 years old and has never had a bone, before. The bone was almost as big as he is.

He worked on that thing for over an hour. Now he's napping. I think it wore him out. I also took a few videos of him opening his Christmas presents. The second one is of him playing with one of his new toys. I don't think any of my kids love Christmas as much as Reggie does.

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