Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Finally Starting A Quilt

Today I worked up the nerve to start cutting out the pieces for my first quilt. I had never used a rotary cutter or cutting mat before. I thought if I used a tissue paper pattern for the first quilt it would make more sense to me, as that is what I'm familiar with. But I quickly realized it is much easier to just measure the size of the piece needed and use the rotary cutter and a ruler to cut the fabric to the desired dimensions. Here are the pieces for Reggie's quilt, all cut and ready to sew.

A close-up of the paw and bones print.

I bought the wrong kind of stabilizer so now I need to figure out how to anchor the hearts to the white squares so I can applique them. And I still haven't figured out how to use my monogrammer. But tomorrow I'll begin assembling the blocks. You need to do a lot of ironing while quilting. I don't have enough room to set up an ironing board in my tiny sewing room so have commandeered the hallway as my ironing space.

The mailman brought me some more goodies today. 
6 more quilting and sewing books...

And some face dirt (mineral make-up).

Everyday Minerals had a "free shipping" week and I stocked up. The 4 eye shadows and the little brush were also freebies. I love this make-up line. It's affordable, good for your skin and they always have some kind of special running.

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