Sunday, January 22, 2012

Further Down The Rabbit Hole....

...I fall. 2 months ago I began thinking about "maybe" sewing again. At that time I had one newer Kenmore machine which had seen precious little use since I'd bought it. It had sewn a few knitting needle cases and mended some clothes. I hadn't done any serious sewing in years and years. Then, on November 19th, 2011, I was given a Singer 328. And it was all over. Love at first sight. I enjoy the lines of vintage sewing machines as much as I love gazing at classic cars. So pretty! Flash forward 2 months and I have converted the guest room into a sewing room (or sewing machine storage room) and have collected 5 vintage machines (not counting the treadle Singer I already possessed). I have since re-homed one of them (the 328) but kept it's cool 1950's cabinet (where my 600E now lives). I have also amassed a nice sized fabric and quilting book collection. All in 2 months. Because that's how we obsessive compulsive hoarder types roll. My husband has long joked that when I like something, I REALLY like it. Good thing I like him. ;-)

All that to say this, when I'm into something there's no half way about it. I am fully committed. Anything worth doing, is worth doing right. So here I sit gazing at my newly acquired Jelly Roll.

I had initially wanted one of these to sew this project, 

which looks like a fun but it only produces a small quilt. With its $39 price tag, my jelly roll is too precious for that use. I need a quilt large enough to fit a twin bed. Change of plans. I'll use the roll to make quilt blocks and then add sashing and borders to make my quilt the desired dimensions. I am thinking of using one of these patterns, Trade Winds or Boxy Stars. It would be easy to find some smallish prints for the frames and borders that would not detract from the larger Moda prints of the roll. I think I'll use the blues and greens shown here, to tie it all together.

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