Friday, January 6, 2012

My Singer 600E

I've added another vintage Singer to the herd. This time it's a Singer 600E. One of the last good Singers, with metal gears. The seller only wanted $20 and the machine came with a case and lots of accessories. From what I understand the 600E is virtually the same as the 401 and 500A machines, except with the "Touch & Sew" feature. I already own a 500A Rocketeer so really didn't "need" this machine. What pushed me over the edge? It came with this monogramer. I figure that's worth $20 all by itself.

It also came with 4 (yes, 4) buttonholers (I will probably sell a couple of those), a bunch of those clear bobbins, various feet (some original and some after market), a complete cam set, a spare light, and this stuff.

2 different walking feet, a ruffler, and something I hadn't heard of before, a circular stitcher. I am really curious about that last item. Unfortunately there are no instructions for it, and I'm not sure I can figure it out on my own. I have the manuals for the buttonholers and monogramer but the seller could not locate the manual for the machine. However I was able to find a free PDF manual for the 600 on the Singer web site.

This same seller also has some Elna Supermatics for sale. I may just have to mix things up and add an Elna to my collection. We'll see. In the meantime, here is today's haul of bartered fabric. Look! Chickens!


Donna said...

There is a very nice lady named Charlene that posted some tips on using the Circular Stitcher:

If you can afford $4, she has the original Singer instructions available:

I've bought feet for my 500A from Charlene & she is true blue honest. I think she charges the $4 just for offsetting the costs of all her free stuff. She has a lot available for Singers. (I have a 500A & my housemate has a 600.)

crazihippichic said...

Thanks. I think I have seen her offer of the circular stitcher instructions and will probably take her up on it. :-)