Monday, January 23, 2012

And It Is Finished

Whew. All done. I learned a lot on this first foray into the world of quilting. Singha's quilt should go much faster. Here is Reggie's finished blankie. 

He could hardly wait to test it out.

I have been commissioned to be a military laundress by my middle daughter, the Beanster. Every few days she brings me a laundry basket full of work. This poor shirt was in sad shape. But she refuses to let me toss it out. What is she doing in her spare time? Wrestling tigers?

"But mom, I always wear it over a black shirt." Seriously? I can't let my child run around wearing this. I decided to try and darn the poor thing, and extend its life. Now it looks like a "Franken-shirt" but at least the damage won't get any worse.

A view of the underside. 
I reinforced it with a piece of old sheet.

I wish I could find my pinking shears. I have a couple of pairs buried around here, somewhere. 

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