Thursday, January 19, 2012

Singer Style-O-Matic 328: No Longer For Sale

I have 3 sewing machines that do virtually the same things. Time to cull the herd. This vintage workhorse is SOLD. The buttonholer is still available for $10 (comes with the correct throat plate cover for straight shank vertical feed machines).

Lovely vintage sewing machine. In extremely good shape for its age. Absolutely no rust. Runs strong. It is clean, lubed and oiled. Ready for a new home. For those of you new to sewing or who are looking for a sturdy well built machine that will last forever, this is for you. These older Singers are incredibly well built. Virtually indestructible. Very easy to thread, use and maintain. This machine is all metal...through and through. No plastic parts to crack, break or yellow. The 328 has the following features: 

straight stitch
9 pattern cams for decorative stitching (one is loaded in the machine)
3 needle positions
2 needle stitching
easy threading
easy bobbin winding
easy to oil

You will receive everything shown except for the buttonholer which is available for an additional $10. The machine comes with one bobbin and a multi-purpose foot. It takes standard Singer bobbins and accessories for straight shanked machines which are readily available. Can easily be mounted into a Singer cabinet or used as is, on a table or desk. The foot pedal and cord are in pristine condition.

The buttonholer includes the correct throat plate cover for use with this vertical feed machine. It includes all of the 5 buttonhole templates (one is loaded in the buttonholer). I can email PDF copies of the manuals for both the 328 machine and the buttonholer.

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