Monday, January 9, 2012

Fooling My 328

I needed to mend my daughter's Volcom t-shirt. It had been in the mending basket for literally months, waiting for me to get my sewing room set up.

I don't know if it came this way, or if it met with an unfortunate Beanie (my daughter's nickname) accident, but it was missing a big chunk out of the side seam. I tried 2 runs at it with my trusty old Singer. But it absolutely refused to cooperate. It wouldn't stitch at all. Just left a long loose thread in its wake. You can see that I finally got a  pretty decent seam.

How? I had to trick the sewing machine. I placed a scrap of woven fabric down underneath, next to the feed dogs. I probably should've used a black piece of scrap fabric, but this was the first thing I grabbed.

Good enough for government work. No one should be looking at the inside of her shirt, anyway. And here's today's addition to the fabric stash.

Almost 7 yards of the blue floral and 4 yards of that gorgeous Chrysanthemum print. These might have to become Hippi Chic shirts.

And these also joined the fabric drawer. I guess I needed more semi solids.

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