Friday, May 14, 2010

Yard Sale Friday (5-14)

I managed to get out there for about an hour this morning, and had a bit better luck than last friday. I stopped at 2 sales. At the first, a patio sale, I found this nifty compost can with the lift out pail ($3). I had seen these new for about $30. This will be used at the yarn shop to put coffee filters and veggie/fruit scraps in.

The second sale was actually an estate sale, and there were things for sale throughout the home. I like estate sales because it is usually an elderly person who has passed away, and they have some cool old treasures. Here I found this old school woven kitchen rug ($.25). You can get similar rugs, today, but they fall apart quickly. This one is probably circa 1970's and is made of really tough polyester strips. It's just like the ones my step-grandma used to have in her farmhouse kitchen.

At this same sale I scored 7 flour sack towels and a screen printed kitchen towel ($.25 each). Again, old school, good quality. Not like the cheap junk you find in the stores, today.

Total spent, $5.25.

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