Monday, May 10, 2010

Newspaper Plant Pots? You Betcha!

Remember when I found this mint plant at a yard sale? I was intrigued by the newspaper pot it came in.

Coincidently, my Lehman's catalog arrived at about the same time (every urban homesteader should receive this. Good stuff in there). On page 47, was this do-hickey called 'The Potmaker'. It's kinda cool, but I'm a frugal girl, and I don't know that its $14.95 worth of cool. Besides, I think you'd still need some tape to hold it together, and I don't want tape in my garden. So I googled "newspaper plant pots" and found this YouTube video on how to make origami plant pots out of your newspapers. Sweet! I scrounged up some of the sale ads (I don't get a regular newspaper) and made some pots.

Yes, I realize colored ink my be an issue, but I had to work with what I had on hand. And here are my pots filled with little plant starts from my garden.

Now, when I want to find new homes for plants, I won't have to also give away my little plastic pots. And the recipients will be able to plant the new start directly into their garden, without disturbing the roots.

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