Thursday, May 27, 2010

Who Needs Scrubbing Bubbles?

Yes, those commercials are cute. But don't let them fool you. You don't need scrubbing bubbles to clean your tub. In fact, you don't need any bubbles at all. I have a sparkling clean tub, tub surround and bathroom sink. My secret? Baking soda. That's right, the same product I use to polish my teeth. Baking soda is pretty darn amazing....and cheap. I get the big 13.5 lb. bag from Costco. The cost? A whopping $4.75. Considering I only use about a tablespoon to clean an entire tub and shower stall....that bag will last me a LONG time. I cleaned the downstairs tub today, to show you how well it works. This is the shower my teenager uses. It also doubles as my laundry wash tub.

And here are the items needed to make your tub (or sink) shine.

Oops. I forgot to include an old toothbrush and a clean rag towel in the picture. Here's how I clean the tub. Get your rag washcloth wet. Sprinkle some baking soda on the wet rag and wipe it all over the surface of the item to be cleaned. Re wet the rag and add more baking soda, as needed. Once the surface is coated, let it stand for a few minutes. Then take your scrubby (I get mine two for $1 at my local grocery store) and scrub away. I use an old toothbrush to get into the tight spots. Once you've scrubbed the entire surface, rinse with water and dry with a clean towel. Your tub or sink will shine.

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