Sunday, May 30, 2010

Dehydrating. The "Best" Way To Store Food?

I stumbled across this series of videos, from, the other day. I recently purchased an American Harvest FD-80 to play with and wanted some guidance on how to best prepare foods for drying. I got WAY more information than I ever could have hoped. This lady has got to be the Queen of Dehydrating. After watching her series of 4 videos I was ready to purchase a better dehydrator as well as a vacuum sealer and food slicer. I believe dehydrating is the best way to store food for the long term. This is something I will be exploring in the very near future, but I wanted to give all of you a heads up as to where to find this information. Why does dehydrating appeal to me? It is much easier than canning, takes up a LOT less space, weighs less, and can store your food indefinitely. Take a little time to watch her videos and let me know if you agree. I have a link to her web site/blog on my sidebar. She has much more information and many more videos there. Happy dehydrating!

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