Saturday, May 29, 2010

Its True About Neccessity...

....being the mother of invention. Case in point, my latest knitting design, the Bag Cozy. Lately my focus has been on small, one-skein, useful designs. I've also been trying to improve my self-sufficiency/efficiency and, at the same time, compost or reuse the items in my home. Unfortunately I have a really bad memory. I have a trunk FULL of reusable shopping bags but, more often than not, I find myself at the store check out counter and the bags are, you guessed it, still in the trunk. Which means I end up bringing more plastic grocery bags home. They aren't wasted. I find them handy for lining the smaller trash cans in my home. The problem has been storing them until needed. I used to have a cute cloth bag holder but the elastic wore out very quickly and, at that time, I was too busy to replace it. I gave that bag holder away on Freecycle and began storing my bags like this.

Its not very tidy looking and many times you end up grabbing more than one bag. I thought about buying another cloth holder but then the elastic would wear out again. Finally the light bulb came on. I could knit one. No elastic needed! Yesterday I sat down with needles and yarn and by the end of the day I had this.

The yarn is a washable acrylic/wool blend. It makes the pattern all on its own, as you knit, so you don't get so bored. The cost of the yarn is $7.50. The cozy in the picture is holding these 25 bags, with room for stuffing in a few more.

It dispenses the bags, one-at-a-time, through a small opening on the bottom.

Now to write up the pattern so I can have it ready for its debut at our WWKIPD (World Wide Knit In Public Day) celebration on June 12th.

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Rantings by a Middle Aged Drama Queen said...

your so creative! I couldn't finish that in a month let alone a day!!!!