Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Busy Weekend

The picture pretty much sums it up.

Sunday the weather cooperated (for once) and I got quite a bit accomplished. Here the laundry is on the solar clothes dryer and I am mowing the back yard and getting exercise at the same time. Thank goodness I just have a small backyard to mow. Here is a close-up of my little plastic sock drying thingy. I found this a few years ago at the Daiso store in the South Hill Mall in Puyallup. Not sure if the store is still there. I should go check as I could use more of these now that I air dry everything.

Monday was supposed to be rainy but it just sprinkled a little in the morning. I finally got around to clearing out a space, behind the garage and out of sight, to move my compost pile. I wish I'd taken before and after pics, but by the time I thought about it....I was already done. Monday is the day I bake bread and make my yogurt for the week. I am getting the hang of bread baking. This time the loaves were nice and high and round, and the bread was softer. Here is a picture of my redneck yogurt maker. Works like a charm. It consists of 3 towels, a heating pad, a rubbermaid shoebox, and a thermometer. The jars or some I got off of Freecycle. They are glass and have plasic lids.

I made progress on my plantings, as well. The Swiss chard are now in the ground. After a late dinner of leftover curry rice I retired to the basement to have a beer and a pipe, and watch the season finale of Survivor I had taped. What a great ending. That jerk Russell didn't get a single vote. I didn't watch the reunion part as I couldn't bear to hear him whine about how he's the best survivor ever and he was robbed (again).

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