Monday, May 31, 2010

Even Better Bread?

Its hard to imagine my home baked bread being even more delicious. But I'm all for improvements. I stumbled across this Homemade Dough Enhancer recipe while visiting the "Chickens In The Road" blog (link in my sidebar). Since commercial dough enhancers can be pricey I decided to give this recipe a try. Here I have assembled my ingredients, all except the vital wheat gluten that I got in the bulk foods section of Fred Meyers (Krogers).

The canning jar contains the mixed ingredients. Now, do you notice anything wrong with this picture? In my zeal to get the bread baking, today, I completely left out the ground ginger. Rats! Too late for this batch of bread, as its in the oven rising as I type. But I will be sure and add the ginger to the remaining enhancer. I made a triple batch so it should last a while. I am using 2 TBS. per loaf since my bread is 2/3rd whole wheat flour. I will let you know if the enhancer actually enhances the bread enough to justify the added cost.

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