Saturday, May 8, 2010

Happiness is....

.... a pair of dirty garden clogs.

Tomorrow is Mother's Day, and you know what that means? Time to put out the veggie starts. Today was a lovely day here in the Pacific NW. Maybe one of the nicest we've had so far this spring. Unfortunately I had to go to work. But not until 11am. I was able to get up early enough to do a bit of yard work before heading off to the yarn store. Here I am amending the soil a bit in preparation for using this spot, at the base of the back steps, as a perennial herb garden.

My Raspberry Canes are making good progress. These were planted, as little starts, last year. I am anxious to see how many berries I get this summer. Do you see the hummingbird feeder? After this picture was taken my husband spied a hummingbird trying to get a drink. But I hadn't filled the feeder yet. I felt so bad for teasing the poor guy. I made sure the feeder was filled immediately. (click to enlarge picture)

Look! My russet potatoes are starting to get leaves. They seem to like it there in the garbage can. The Yukon golds, in the can next door, haven't made their entrance through the soil yet. I keep checking.

After I went indoors I saw this little neighborhood resident making a visit to my backyard. He must've buried one of his peanuts in the lawn and was stopping by for a snack. He's looking at me, looking at him.

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