Wednesday, October 3, 2012


   They are finally coming on. I feel like I am playing beat the clock with the first frost. I'd love to be able to make some spaghetti sauce. It is much yummier than the store bought stuff.

   The garden is winding down. The green beans are still producing but have slowed to a crawl. The bees are all tucked in for the winter. I am feeding them sugar water through the end of October, or until it begins to freeze. Then they are on their own until the spring. I left them plenty of honey so they should be fine.

   Speaking of bees, I am beginning the process of becoming a Master Beekeeper. I picked up the handbook Monday evening and yesterday I sent in all 10 of the tests to become an official Apprentice. 

I am anxious to hear the results. I hope the guy doesn't take forever to grade them and get back to me. I hope to finally get that coveted patch at the next meeting. Then I will begin the process of becoming a Journeyman. I have to have been a beekeeper for 3 years to accomplish this but I can go ahead and find someone to mentor and get that requirement out of the way. I'd love to have a mentoree for this next season.

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crazihippichic said...

Just a quick update. I passed! I only missed 2 questions out of all 10 tests. I am now a certified apprentice beekeeper.