Thursday, September 27, 2012

Year of the Spider?

I am noticing a lot more spiders this year. Not sure why. Maybe I am just paying closer attention? Or perhaps the spiders are just bigger, bolder and more numerous than in years past. We have had them stow away in our vehicles, only to crawl up our bodies as we drive. Recently I was pounced on by a very large bulbous yellow spider while I pruned the raspberry canes. It looked very similar to this curious spider that I found waiting for me yesterday, on the gate to the chicken pen. Obviously this one is orange, not yellow, but the body shape is similar. Round and squishy. No, I did not actually squish this one because it behaved and stayed off of my person.

After it posed for this photo I gently coaxed it down to the ground and it bumbled off. These big guys (gals?) aren't very graceful.

I have a new "pretty" to show. I have to preface this by saying I no longer encourage the husbeast to buy me jewelry. My lifestyle has changed dramatically. I no longer dress for success but am quite content in jeans and a t-shirt. Yesterday I accompanied him to our favorite jewelry store. We were there for another purpose but I couldn't resist browsing. I spotted this in the clearance case. I think it is an estate piece. The price was very reasonable and I intended to think about it and maybe return for it at a later date. Rick thought I should have it now. We will consider it my anniversary gift. Isn't it lovely? It is paua shell framed by sterling silver. There are 3 shells dotting the frame and some waves down at the bottom. I adore it.


Anonymous said...

Hey COHC :)
You could be my neighbor. The spiders around here are as you describe, only darker. They apparently have a thing for building/living at eye level as my head is wrapped up everyday when I go out to do chores.
Funny thing is, I have reacted to them out of character this year.
With fascination instead of the usual fear. I had been meaning to study up on what their signifcance might be and your blogpost reminded me.
Here's a link to a little information for your consideration.
Oh, and happy anniversary!!

crazihippichic said...

Funny you should mention totem animals. I have always felt a special connection with hummingbirds and have recognized them as my totem. I have a very deep love, connection and appreciation of nature which I have always attributed to my Native American blood.