Friday, September 7, 2012

Recently Bottled Wines

   The following wines are all bottled, labeled and tucked away in the cellar. First up is the one I am most proud of. It is also the one that was the most frustrating to create. I made 3 gallons of this wine using 5 pounds of blueberries which I picked right here in Tacoma, WA, at our local Blueberry Park. There you will find acres full of all different varieties of blueberries. Which reminds me, I really should try to get over there next week and pick some for this year.

   This particular wine took forever to ferment. I am not even joking. It kept going, and going. At one point I thought the ferment was stuck so added some energizer. It got going really good and then trickled back to a slow crawl once again. I didn't keep track of exactly how long but know it took well over 6 months to stop actively fermenting. However each time I racked and sampled it, it tasted great. I just left it to do its thing. After one full year I was sure that it must finally be finished. The hydrometer bottomed out and the wine is very dry. I usually don't care for dry fruit wines but this one is an exception. It is delicious with no back sweetening. I got 15 bottles from 3 gallons. Here are 5 of them so you can see how clear the wine finished.

I bottled this Raspberry Apple wine at the same time. This is from fruit out of my garden. I got 5 bottles from one gallon. I did back sweeten it but only minimally. I am calling it semi-dry.

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