Saturday, September 8, 2012

A Sewing Machine Lighter?

Who would have guessed there was such a thing? Featuring a vintage machine, no less. I stumbled across this while searching Ebay for sewing items located in my area. I was hoping to save on shipping. This lighter was located at an antique store in downtown Tacoma. I made sure they would let me pick it up if I won, then placed my bid. Someone did try to steal it from me at the last moment but they were denied. Back off,'s mine!

It looked to be in good shape but when the husbeast went to fill it with butane and install a new flint he found that the old flint stub had hardened over the years and was pretty much welded into the hole. After reaming it out it then took him about an hour to get all those teeny parts back together. He did it, though, and now I can be stylin' when lighting my cigars.

He can now add "lighter repairman" to his resume.

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