Sunday, September 16, 2012

Last Minute Summer Gardening

   Summer is slipping away. Next weekend fall will arrive. It's time to start getting ready for the winter. My garden is still lagging behind. The only thing that has been a success are the pole beans. The tomatoes are putting forth a valiant effort. Remember how pitiful they were when I planted them?

This is them today.

   Time is running out, though. I'm not sure they are all going to ripen before the first frost. I've only gotten about 7 ripe tomatoes so far. The plants are full of fruit but it is almost all green. My dreams of canning some home made spaghetti sauce are fading.
  I finally got around to trimming the spent canes from the raspberry patch and tied all the new canes up securely.

   I was ill earlier this year and the raspberries kind of got out of hand. This is the mess I trimmed out. Tomorrow I'll cut it into manageable pieces and chuck it into the yard waste bin.

  The local Market Place had chrysanthemums on sale for $.99 each. I picked out a few so we can have a spot of fall color in the backyard.

  I also finally planted the red blooming sedum that a fellow beekeeper gave me. It's been waiting patiently, in pots, for the past 2 months.

Tomorrow I'll hit the yard some more. I'm way behind, as usual.

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