Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Old School Cooking

Who needs Marie Callender? Or Banquet, with their gluey dough and chicken sponge? We make pot pies the old fashioned way, with butter, lard, and real chicken. Whenever we get a roasted Costco chicken I always save the last little bits and freeze them in order to make a chicken pot pie at a later date. Today I was at a loss as to what to fix the husbeast for his supper. Then I remembered that chicken in the freezer. The lard used in this pie crust was some that I had rendered using a bunch of pork fat from the local butcher. No hydrogenated lard here. Today's crust turned out nice and flaky.

Never throw out your leftover pie crust bits. Break them into pieces, toss them with some sugar and cinnamon, and bake them. Keep a close watch so they don't burn. Kids love these pie crust treats. We no longer have kids at home. Oh, darn, I guess we'll have to eat them ourselves. Yummy! If you do have grandkids, and want them to get some of these, be sure and hide them from grandpa. 

What else is happening on the Willoughby homestead? Well, I have 3 gallons of plum melomel fermenting in the kitchen.

It is bubbling away in the primary fermenter.

I accidentally knocked this bunch of tomatoes off the plant the other day. I have tied it up and hung it in the basement. We'll see if they ripen down there.

Oh, and the canna is getting ready for round 2 of blooming.

I plan on going into the hives later today and will check to see if the girls have made any more honey or if they are ready to be tucked in for the winter. Tomorrow I will be volunteering at the bee booth at the Puyallup Fair. I'll be there from 10am until 2pm. Stop in and say hello.

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