Monday, September 10, 2012

Stumbled Upon A Singer

Finally! It seems all I have been finding are Kenmores with the occasional Necchi thrown in. I haven't brought home a Singer in ages. I spied this 500 Rocketeer for sale yesterday. They were asking $25 but I was dubious as to its condition. The photos looked pretty bad in spite of their claim to have had it "recently" serviced. Well, maybe, if 1968 is recently. I offered $20 because it might be good for a parts machine. When I picked it up the head was in a cardboard box and the cabinet was buried under a bunch of yard sale crap. From what I could see of the machine, as it lay tucked down in the box, it looked like it might have some rust issues. Still, for $20 I wasn't going to quibble. As the husband helped me load the cabinet into my Subaru he mentioned, "there's $100 worth of attachments in the drawers". I didn't really believe him since he is also claiming the poor machine had been recently serviced. Yeah, right. Wink, wink. Once I got the machine home, and out of the box, I realized that what I was seeing wasn't rust after all. It was just years and years of dirt and cigarette tar. I gave it a quick once over with a rag and it looked much better. If anything, the previous owner was a little heavy handed with the machine oil. I'd rather a sewing machine be too oily than all rusted. I am happy to have a Singer to tinker around with. Here is what my $20 bought me.

The cabinet is similar to the one I gave to my son for his 328K.

It came with lots of cams.

A Singer walking foot.

A tucker.

Something called a gripper.

The manual and some buttonhole templates (but no buttonholer).

Various doo-dads.

Bobbin case and bobbins.

A case with some feet, etc...

Even a Singer darning foot!

That was well worth the trip to Puyallup.


Michelle said...

Congratulations on finding such a nice machine! You can't beat those early Singers with the gear driven motors. Enjoy!

crazihippichic said...

Thanks, Michelle. This is actually my second Rocketeer. I think it is my favorite model of Singer. So stylish. This one is going to be a "catch and release". I'll clean it up, get it running great, then pass it along. This poor baby needs some love and attention. It's in sad shape. Sooo dirty.