Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Jammies: Part Eight (we have buttonholes!)

Today I was determined to finally finish these dang pajamas. All they needed were the buttonholes and buttons. How hard could that be? I planned on using my Bernina to make some simple buttonholes using the built in buttonholer. There was just one problem. It makes gawd-awful buttonholes. No matter how many times I tried.

After all this work I am not going to settle for ugly buttonholes. Not gonna happen. I have quite a few machines with almost as many buttonhole makers. The machine I was most familiar with was the dreaded Singer Touch & Throw (Touch & Sew). I drug it out and set it up on top of one of the sewing cabinets. Then I spent about 30 minutes trying to locate the manual and the feed dog cover plate. If you've ever had the misfortune of glancing into my sewing room you will understand why this was not an easy task. I finally located them, in the last place I looked. Armed with the sewing machine manual, the buttonhole attachment, and the manual for the attachment, I set to work learning how to use all of these to make some decent buttonholes.

Singer did not let me down. The manuals were very clear and the attachment worked great. I experimented with a few practice buttonholes until I got it just right. Buttonholes are a #$@*^ to rip out so you want to make sure things will go well before you attempt one on your actual project.

Fingers crossed and here we go. OMG! It's a real, honest to goodness buttonhole. One that I don't have to be ashamed of.

The buttonhole cams work like magic. I did go around it twice to make sure it is strong. I am quite pleased with the results. Even the backs look nice.

Once I had made all 5 of the buttonholes I carefully used my seam ripper to open them up.

I had already determined, when making my practice holes, that this was the proper size to fit my buttons.

I suppose the buttonholes could have been a bit straighter but I am still pleased with the results. Not bad for a first attempt. I now have a comfy new pair of pajamas and I'll be wearing them to bed tonight.

There are a few things I will alter for the next pair. The waistband is too high so I will shorten that by 2". The legs are a bit long so I will shorten those by another inch. And the armhole is too big and will be made 1" smaller next time. Sewing is so magical. You take big rectangles of fabric and a paper pattern....

...and turn them into something warm and useful. I am anxious to make some more pairs but first I need to sew some things for Christmas gifts. In the meantime I will also be learning how to use my serger. November is going to be a very busy month but I still hope to get some sewing accomplished. We shall see.


Dip-Dip and the Bridge said...

Hooray! You are on the home straight now.
How strange that the benina makes such awful buttonholes eh. By a wierd coincidence today I am making buttonholes for my second Sassy Librarian blouse so cross your fingers for me.
It is so nerve wracking making them, isn't it because one slip and the whole garment is ruined.
Your jammies are looking so great, I love them.

crazihippichic said...

I have never been overly fond of the "built in" buttonholes aka "4 step buttonholes". But the Bernina seems to do an especially poor job of them. Maybe because it needs to get a tune-up? I won't be able to take it in until after the holidays. But I am thrilled with the Singer buttonhole attachment and it's many cams. I am going to use the Touch & Throw as a dedicated buttonhole & Monogramming machine.

crazihippichic said...

I almost forgot, good luck with those buttonholes, Lynne. I'm sure they'll be lovely.