Saturday, October 6, 2012

So Much For Sewing Today

   I had promised myself I'd take some time for sewing today. Yesterday was all about housecleaning and entertaining. Today I planned to relax. The morning started out very relaxing, with the husbeast taking me out for a nice breakfast at Shakabrah. I came home and started my rounds on the computer. I am a member of the Tacoma Area Freecycle but give away more things than I receive (which is a good thing) but today there was a posting for a purple shower curtain with a Celtic knot design.  Purple AND Celtic knots? Oh baby! I shot off an email with my phone number and a promise to head right over if chosen. 30 minutes later these were adorning my guest bathroom.

   Not everyone's cup of tea, I'm sure, but they absolutely scream "crazy old hippie chick". They work pretty well with my $10 garage sale print titled "Iris Pool" but I'm gonna need some purple towels. Love, love, love it.

   No sooner had I got home from Midland, hung the curtains and settled back in front of the computer, when an email came through accepting my offer on a sewing machine. The catch was I had to come get it NOW. So off I went to the Gem Heights area of South Hill, Puyallup. I arrived home with a new patient for my sewing machine clinic. I'm getting a bit too tired to begin a sewing project so I'll just have to show you all the goodies I got, yesterday, at the JoAnn Fabric's Columbus Day Sale. They had all their Simplicity patterns priced at 99 cents each (limit 10). Guess how many I bought!???!

   They also had all their red dot clearance fabrics offered at 50% off the last marked price. Which means most of this was just $2 per yard. Fabric prices being what they are, I couldn't afford NOT to buy all this. Right??? Seriously, though, I should not be allowed anywhere near a fabric store, for anything other than thread, for a good long time. I have so many patterns and so much fabric, it is getting ridiculous.

   I also have way too many sewing machines. You know what I don't have too many of? Sergers. I have a nice one that my friend, Marti gave me, but it is without a manual and I am too intimidated to try and figure it out. I also determined that sergers (at least the less expensive entry level models) aren't worth trying to  find used. The sellers want almost as much for a 20 year old serger as it will cost you for a brand new one. Which is why I ordered a Brother 1034D on Amazon, today, along with a The Complete Serger Handbook.  The serger will arrive with it's own manual plus a CD rom video. Happy Anniversary to me! I always know the perfect gift to get myself. ;-p

   Speaking of gifts, look what my thoughtful better half gave me. It is the work of a New York photographer. Love it! That's all the show and tell for today. I hope to have some actual sewing to show soon.



Michelle said...

Oh tease us! I want to see the machine!!! Love your shower curtain and window curtain!

crazihippichic said...

Thanks Michelle. Is it the new patient at the clinic you want to see? It is nothing too exciting. Just a Kenmore 1410. I'll get you some pictures of it once I get a chance to operate. :-)

I'll also get some pics of the serger once it arrives. Supposed to get here Tuesday.