Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Jammies: Part Three (and sauce)

   Whew! I finished cutting out the pajamas this morning. The printed flannel is actually of very good quality and I am rather fond of its retro-70's look. I may have to go back and buy the rest of that bolt. I didn't have much of the colorful flannel left over. I bought 3 yards and needed almost all of it for the pajama top. I have a small bundle for the scrap bin, plus some little bits to practice my stitches on.

   It wasn't very wide so I had to lay it out flat in order to cut out the sleeves. Speaking of sleeves, those were a bit of a mess to adjust and pin. The parchment paper was pieced right on the "lengthen or shorten" line.

   Of course I had to shorten. The pattern is unisex and they have to leave enough length for a man. I shortened the pants 2" and the top/sleeves 1.5". I just guess-timated. I'm not going to worry about being exact for a pair of pajamas. I'm curious to see how close my guessing was. Here are all the pieces (well all except the trim).

  The reason I chose this particular pattern was that it features a piece of trim on the pocket, sleeves, and collar. I plan to use the solid green from the pants to edge the shirt and tie everything together. The pattern tells you how much extra fabric you'll need for the trim. It even tells you how to attach the trim. But no where does it give you the  width of the trim. There is no pattern piece to cut and no mention of it in the cutting layout. I guess I am on my own. No problem. It's not rocket science. They tell me I need 1/4" seam allowance and I want the trim to stick out about 1/4", so I will cut my strips 1" wide. The trim is folded in half. It will look something like this.

   Last night I managed to slice the tip of my right middle finger, nearly to the bone. My first thought was, "Oh, no! How will I cut out my fabric?" Not to worry. I can still maneuver my scissors.

   Yesterday was quite productive. I also made my first batch of spaghetti sauce from my home grown tomatoes. I'll be putting this in the freezer today. It is so much better than the canned sauce from the grocery store.


Dip-Dip and the Bridge said...

That is the good thing about pyjamas, isn't it, you can go completely mad with the fabric and nobody is any the wiser!
How lovely to have your own tomatoes.

crazihippichic said...

I tend to gravitate towards "wild and crazy" fabric. ;-)

Yes, home grown tomatoes are wonderful. This hasn't been the best year for them. Many of mine are still green on the vine. I'd love to get one more batch of sauce. (fingers crossed)