Monday, October 8, 2012

A Purple Sewing Machine???

Be still my heart. 

I found this little lovely on Craigslist yesterday. It is missing it's manual, cams, etc....but I made the sellers an offer, not expecting them to accept. They did. Not only that, they wanted to deliver (which saved me a trek to Bonney Lake). But that wasn't all. They threw in another vintage machine. I am almost embarrassed to say that I got both these machines, delivered to my door, for $10. Granted I bought them pretty much sight unseen. I did see photos of the lavender Kenmore but did not fully inspect it or test it. I figure for $10 it is good for a parts machine, if nothing else. This Kenmore is a model 51 (158.512) made in Japan from 1962-65. The original price? $99. This one came in a small cabinet but the finish is ruined and I may just give it away. Also, the tension dial is at an odd angle. It may need to be replaced.

The cam hatch (I'll need to order some cams).

The feed dogs drop, although it is currently stuck.

Here is the freebie sewing machine that tagged along with the purple Kenny. It is a mint green Singer model 338. It is basically the same machine as a 328 but with an updated look. This one came with the case, although the case is in rough shape. It, too, was lacking any manual, cams or accessories.

Those are the latest patients to be admitted to my sewing machine repair clinic. Not bad for a day's work.

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