Sunday, October 28, 2012

Happy 30th Anniversary To Us!

   Today the husbeast & I celebrated 30 years of wedded bliss. Our anniversary is actually tomorrow, the 29th, but you can't really party on a weekday when one of you has to work. I just happened to win a raffle, at the last cigar event we attended at Smokey Joe's, for a $50 gift certificate to the Space Needle in Seattle. I was born and raised here but had never been up in the Space Needle. What a nice way to celebrate our special day. I don't like crowds or freeways so going to Seattle isn't all that enjoyable for me. We decided to go at a time when traffic would be light and the crowds thinner. Sunday brunch would be perfect. On the ride up there I mentioned to the hubby that my grandparents used to have a beautiful decanter shaped like the space needle. I coveted that thing every time we visited them. What a young child wanted with it, heaven knows. I thought it was incredibly pretty. It might have been a Jim Beam bottle, but wasn't sure. Here is our destination looming in the distance. You can see the elevator going up the side.

   My expectations were rather low. I seem to recall hearing that it was over priced and the food not very good. Here is the mural in the lobby, opposite the reception desk.

 The view of the inside taken from our table.

   Only the seating deck revolves. The lobby stays put. I suffer from motion sickness so was a little worried at first. I was fine. Too busy eating and taking photos of the scenery. I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed this experience. The scenery was lovely, the service impeccable and the food divine. I highly recommend their brunch. Every course was delicious. I had the razor clam and corn chowder for a starter with a side of lemon bread. The best EVER. So good.

For a main course I chose the wild salmon with rainbow potatoes. Another winner.

And for dessert I had cheesecake. I only thought I'd had the best cheesecake. This melted in my mouth like butta.

   That doesn't look like much food, right? I  SO stuffed. The coffee was wonderful, too. If you visit Seattle I encourage you to try to visit the Sky City at the Needle. Yes, it's pricey but well worth it. Here is some of the scenery that comes with your meal.

Look at all the houses!

Lake Union.

King 5 News. Wave to Jean!

The Emerald City.

A garden on the roof.

We love our football & baseball.

Elliot Bay, complete with ferries.

Where's Clark Kent?

The Olympic Mountain Range.

We used to love our basketball, too. 
I watched many Sonics games here. ::sniffle::

And the Pacific Science Center. 
I think Randine went swimming 
there on a school visit.

   After seeing that glorious panoramic view I have a new appreciation for Seattle. After dinner we went up to the observation deck. Inside on that floor they have a snack bar and lots of displays of space needle collectibles. Look what I found. My beloved decanter. Yes, it was a Jim Beam bottle.

Still as beautiful as I remembered. 


Dip-Dip and the Bridge said...

Happy Anniversary to you both!
Wow, what a magical experience to go to the Space Needle. I loved all of your photos, those views are to die for.
The meal looks delicious too and the decanter so special.

crazihippichic said...

Thanks. We had a lovely day. :-)