Saturday, December 24, 2011

A Very Crazy Christmas

Nothing like a nasty head cold for the holidays. All that mucus is making it difficult for my brain cells to rub together. I've been sick for 2 weeks and I just remembered, today, that I have the fixin's for Hot Toddies! What's the fun of being sick if you don't guzzle toddies?!???

All you need is boiling water, a large mug, a shot of Bushmills and a heaping tablespoon full of Korean citron tea. Which isn't really tea, at all. More like a marmalade made of citron (including seeds, so be careful), sugar and honey. After a couple of those you'll feel much better. Oh, you'll still be sick. You just won't care. I'm enjoying one as I type.

The husbeast took me out to lunch for some Holiday Pho. A hot tub sized bowl of noodle soup sounded like just what the doctor ordered (besides lots of toddies). I decided to wear my latest finished knitted object, a Noro Sweater. I finished this back in June, right before I took a sabbatical from knitting to focus on weaving and quilting.

Yes, this old broad is still rockin' the FUGGS (faux UGGS). There's nothing more cozy than an inside-out sheep on your feet. Please note the festive bow on my head. Once back from lunch, the husbeast and I exchanged gifts. He got me just what I wanted, a box of Padron 2000's. Christmas cigars. Sweet! He is much harder to shop for. But he does enjoy watching those HBO and Showtime series' with me on the weekends. I had always heard this one was the best, ever. Neither of us has seen it. So I got him the super duper awesome gift set, complete with astro turf and a gravestone.

Now to finish my toddy and go play with my toys.
Enjoy your holiday!

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