Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Time To Choose

Do I want to be a medium Roxi? Or a large Roxi? Forget about small. That ship has sailed. I did manage to get down to a size 4, about 5 years ago. But only by cutting out ALL carbs and going to the gym 3 days a week. Let's face it. I like to eat. And I hate going to the gym. I can live without being a size 4. I think a size 6 is doable, though. Why am I thinking about losing weight? Is it for a New Year's resolution? Not really. I want to buy an adjustable dress form. I have a $50 Amazon gift card burning a hole in my pocket and am seriously thinking of buying one of these Singer forms. My dilemma is do I buy the medium or the large? I am currently just a smidgen larger than the medium at it's fullest. But if I get a large there is no way to adjust but up. I am going to get the medium size which will force me to get serious and lose a couple of inches off of everywhere. My strategy will be smaller portions and 6 small meals a day. Eating more often should boost my metabolism. I will also limit myself to one beer per day (except on Pipe Club nights, duh). And force myself to drink more water. And I'll need to figure out some type of fitness program. Especially for my core (I have no waist). Can I accomplish this goal? Well, I'm pretty stubborn so there's a good chance I will.

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