Monday, December 26, 2011

J-Made 4 Harness Loom (no longer) For Sale.

On the way to a new home in Idaho. :-)

Now that I possess three 4 harness floor looms, it is time to cull the herd. My 4 Harness J-Made Conversion is available. This loom was built in the 70's by a fellow in Portland, Oregon. He is still around but no longer builds looms. I think he's now into building yachts or some such. I was able to track him down and he provided the original assembly documents. This is a well built loom which can do everything that more expensive floor looms can. The top half is a table loom with approx. 30" weaving width. The bottom half is the floor loom conversion stand which has 6 treadles and lamms. The 2 parts clamp securely together, but are easy to separate for transport. We brought it home in my husband's Subaru WRX Wagon. The treadle stand was bungeed to the roof while the loom rode inside the vehicle. The loom comes with a 27" 12 dent reed. I will include a couple of stick shuttles, 3 weaving books and the above mentioned documentation which includes detailed schematics and assembly instructions. Possible delivery in the Tacoma area. Otherwise must be picked up.

Note: I will consider bartering for a Bernina 830 or 730 Record sewing machine in very good condition.

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