Monday, December 12, 2011

I've Got A Beef With Safeway

About their ground beef. I have always known they add water to their meats. But the problem has increased dramatically. I like to fry my ground beef, not boil it. Today I stopped by Safeway to pick up some groceries to make tacos. I purchased a small package of their ground beef. 1.37 pounds at $3.69 per pound. I paid $4.51. I was shocked when I went to brown the ground beef before adding my seasonings. There was so much water in the meat, that it began to boil. In this picture I have pushed the meat to the left side of the pan. What remains on the right side is water. And you can't tell by the photo but it is literally boiling.

By the time it dawned on me to take this picture it had already been boiling for a while and I'm sure a lot of it evaporated. But even so, this is how much water remained once I'd drained the meat and skimmed the fat.

That is all water. I had let the fat cool and congeal. It was then skimmed off. This is what remained. 3 ounces of added water (I'm sure it was even more, since some had already evaporated). Safeway charged me over $.70 for that water. What a rip off. I will never purchase meat at Safeway again. If I want water, I'll turn on my tap.

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