Wednesday, December 28, 2011

CAUTION: Item In Ad May Be Larger Than It Appears.

So I'm making my daily cruise around Craigslist, as is my habit, when I notice this cool old Butterick pattern file is still looking for a home. It's been on Craigslist for about as long as I've been looking for sewing items. At least 2 months, or possibly more. It appears to be in fairly decent shape. The asking price? $39. "Hmmmm", I think to myself. "That could come in handy for storing my growing sewing pattern collection." So I shoot the seller an offer of $15. He says he won't sell it for that, but it's mine for $25. I counter and it's mine for $20. Now I should know better. I've browsed through pattern files before, at fabric shops. But in the ad this looked to be about the size of a regular garden variety file cabinet. Fortunately the husbeast volunteered to take me to pick it up, in his car. I could've never fit this behemoth in my trunk.

It just barely fit in the Subaru. But we managed to get it home and into the sewing room. Not without scratching up the tinted film on the Subaru's back window and smashing my knuckle (and the husbeast's hand). Then, right after taking these photos, I dropped my beloved camera and broke the lens cover. I think this is the cursed pattern file of doom. It sure holds a lot, though. I have room for plenty of patterns and a whole lot more fabric.

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