Saturday, December 17, 2011

Raspberry Melomel

I finally got to bottle a mead! 
I proudly present to you, Raspberry Melomel.

Yes, I'm still mourning that cyser mead tragedy. Sniff. True to form I couldn't get this melomel mead bottled without at least a mini disaster. There should be 5 bottles ready to join the wine cellar. As I was corking the wine I noticed that one of the bottles had some unappetizing looking hard water scale on the inside. Even though the bottle was scrubbed and sanitized that was not something I'd want to present to guests. The wine from that bottle now resides in the decanter and I'll have to drink it now (oh, darn). I do lightly back sweeten my fruit wines so it isn't that bad. But I know it will be really awesome in about 6 months.

I also powered though and racked all 11 gallons of my remaining fermenting wines. Now to ignore them for another few months. Wine making is perfect for a lazy gal like me. Put 'em in the closet and forget 'em.

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