Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Sprucing Up The Bee Yard

Yesterday I finally got a chance to weed around my hive. I had been neglecting that area. When the weather is warm that corner of the yard is a cloud of bee activity and I like to stay out of their space. Yesterday was cool and overcast so their activity was low. I waited until early evening when they were heading in for the night. Then I set to work. They didn't pay me much notice. At one point, when I was weeding behind the hive, I did have a couple of guard bees march down the side of the platform to see what I was doing. But after that they ignored me. Now their yard is nice and clean. I found some plastic garden fencing tucked away in my garage. I'd forgotten I had this. It will come in handy for keeping Reggie out of that area. There are always quite a few dead or dying bees in that spot and even dead bees can sting. I also planted some English Lavender for the bees. I wanted something that I could use, as well. But I see that I have them planted too close together so will space them out today. I should've got Munstead as it is more compact. Oh well, this will work. Having larger plants will help keep the weeds down. I am not planting anything right in front of the hive. We need that area cleared in order to work the bees.

I found the lavender starts at Fred Meyers for $1 each. I also picked up a catnip start while there. It was a nice, big healthy start. I say "was" because Singha found it before I had a chance to even get it in the ground. And he loved on it. He loved on it hard. And bit off all the longer branches. Then he rolled on them.

Once he was good and high he chased his dog-brother around the yard and then crawled across the grass on his side. He loves his catnip. I have now got the poor mutilated catnip baby safely planted, and barricaded.

It's on its own now. Sink or swim.

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