Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A Tale Of Hair Toys

I tend to be a bit obsessive compulsive. Not about cleaning (unfortunately). But when I am interested in something I'm really, REALLY interested. And this month's obsession is my hair. Hair products and hair toys. But mostly hair toys. How is it that I've had long hair, twice before in my life, and never knew about hair toys? If it weren't for Internet forums and YouTube I'd still be in the dark. Last night I discovered Spin Pins. I had heard them mentioned on the Long Hair Forum and had no idea what they were. So I went to YouTube, watched a few videos and decided I needed some. I found them at Walgreens for $6.99. I understand you can get them for as low as $5.99 elsewhere but with gas prices as they are I wasn't about to drive all over Tacoma looking. While at Walgreens I found some other cool little hair doo-dads, 2 for $3. I got 3 headbands and a little hair flower.

I got all those toys for $13. You'd think I'd be satisfied, but you'd be wrong. I recently sold some of my hand knit items and had a bit of spending money burning a hole in my pocket. Money earmarked for (you guessed it) more hair toys. I'll blog about them as soon as they arrive.

I also wanted to check in to say that I used the Silkience this morning, to "conditioner only" (CO) wash my hair and it cleaned really well. I'll definitely have to go grab up some more. I am also enjoying the Lusti Organics Hair Dress. I've been using it as a leave in conditioner on my damaged ends, and as an overnight treatment. But I didn't read the label on the detangler as well as I should've. It contains dimethicone and I am trying to stay cone-free.  But if you aren't concerned about cone build-up then I can recommend it as a good detangler. Just not for me.

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