Monday, June 20, 2011

Tea & Fish

Another thing I've learned from the Long Hair Community is that rooibos tea is supposed to aid in hair growth. It is also good for your skin and scalp. While it is healthy to ingest the tea, the skin and hair profit more from a topical application. I found rooibos tea at my local Fred Meyers (aka Krogers). I brought 1 1/3 cups of water to a boil, then steeped one tea bag in there until the water became cool. The tea was then placed into my handy dandy spray bottle. I am storing the tea in the refrigerator between uses. Once or twice a day I spritz my scalp with the tea and let it dry. It is quite refreshing and should be especially nice once the weather gets hot. I measured my hair at the beginning of this month (24") and will do so again on July 1st. Then at the beginning of each following month. I am curious to see if the tea speeds up growth.

Since Leni disappeared, 2 weeks ago, poor Squiggy has been beside himself with grief and loneliness. He sulks at the bottom of his pond and doesn't come up for feedings. Seriously. The poor guy is depressed. I never knew that goldfish needed company. Now I feel bad for all those solitary fish I had over the years. Not only were they lonely, but they were stuck in teeny tiny fish bowls. No wonder the one that used to live on the back of the toilet tank flung itself onto the bathroom floor. It was trying to commit suicide. I found it in time and plunked it back into the bowl and I bet it was thinking, "Dammit!". Yesterday I had a chance to stop by Petco to find Squiggy some friends. I opted for 2 so that if one goes missing the remaining won't be lonesome. I knew that Petco got a new shipment of feeder fish this past Tuesday. I should've got in there sooner. By the time I went in, yesterday, most of them were dead or dying. Good God, what do they do to the poor things!?!!! I was going to leave and try to find healthier fish, but there were still some that were fighters so I couldn't leave them. I chose a silver one and another spotted white and orange. I brought them home and acclimated them, then let them loose in the pond. OMG! Instant difference in Squiggy. The new fish (Smokey & Peanut) are big enough that I don't have to worry about him eating them. But he was so happy he was swimming up next to them and rubbing against them. I haven't uncovered the pond yet, this morning, and am hoping the poor things made it through the night and will be OK. If not, I will have to go get some healthy fish elsewhere. Interestingly, the price of feeder fish has more than doubled. Last year I bought healthy goldfish for $.13 each. This year they are $.29 for half dead fish.

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crazihippichic said...

Neither of the new fish made it through the night. Oh well, I gave them a shot at fish happiness.