Monday, June 27, 2011

Bee Update 6-27-11

My bees are doing amazingly well. They have gone from a 3# package of bees, that could fit in a smallish transport box, to filling over 3 medium 8-framed hive boxes. Last week we added a 4th box and they are already busy filling that. Today we checked and decided to go ahead and add a 5th box. We want to make sure they have plenty of room to expand. The 6th box (the one on top) is just a feeder box and houses their jar of sugar syrup.

If the hive gets any taller I'll need a ladder to reach them. I remembered to take pictures of the inner hive. Here is the box that we added last week. It was just empty frames then. But has at least 2 full frames of comb now. See the perfectly formed white comb right in the center? And there are lots of bees in that box. That is the 4th box in the picture, above.

And here is the box underneath it. The 3rd box from the bottom. They still insist on building weird comb between the boxes and putting brood there. You can see one of the macaroni looking bee babies in the center of the photo. Sadly, it will not survive. But they will make plenty more. That's what they do.


Wendy said...

Do you have any recommendations on books or websites for someone who’s interested in beekeeping?

crazihippichic said...

Hi Wendy,
Here are the places and books that were the most help to me:

YouTube (lots of beekeeping videos that help to take the fear away)
I bought this guy's video and it is a good reference. I also belong to the forum.

As far as books, i have many but haven't had much time to delve into them. I did read one written by a lady who told of how she got into beekeeping. It was inspiring.

The lady in that book had a mentor. As do I. And I think that is the best reference a new beek (beekeeper) can have. You can do all the actual work, yourself, but the mentor is like having a safety net.

You can read all the books but keep in mind that the bees haven't read them, or written any. LOL They do what they do, and sometimes it's unexpected. They are fascinating creatures and I hope you will welcome some into your yard and heart.