Sunday, June 19, 2011

And Still More....

The obsession continues. Yesterday I got 2 packages in the mail. First was this lovely Grah-Toe Studio 3 tine hair fork in maple. I snagged it from the swap list on the Long Hair Community forum, for $42 (including shipping).

I can't help it. I'm a sucker for wood, especially if it has a beautiful grain. I'm sure many more forks will find their way to my collection. The second package contained the 4 large Flexi8's that I'd ordered from their web site. I can't recommend these enough. They are beautiful and affordable. I wore this one to World Market, today, and got a compliment on it. The other 3 are in the photo, below.

Sorry the photo is rather dark. The top one is green, the middle is all silver with a dragon fly, and the bottom is garnet. The one in my hair has black beads and a celtic knot. While at World Market I picked up this pair of chopsticks for $1.99. Cheap hair sticks!

I have one more package on its way, then I will cool it on the hair decorations, for a while. These should keep me plenty busy.

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