Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Don't Count Your Fish Or Bees....

....before they hatch. The younguns just can't catch a break this week. The goldfish have eaten all my anticipated "grandkids" and the bees are booting out more half cooked bee babes. It's a bummer, man. By the time I remembered to add extra plants to the pond, to shield the wee ones, it was too late. Very few eggs remain. It seems goldfish have very short memories. They lay the eggs, swim away, and when they pass back through they think, "Hey, look! Someone left some snacks." And I have no idea what's up with my bees, but they have been tossing out baby bodies like mad. Here is a pupa (one of many) that was left on the stoop this morning. Next to her is a dying drone. You can tell he's a boy bee by his gigantic eyes.

And here is a live bee out getting a drink from the rain.
See her tongue?

On a happier note, here is Singha using the chicken pen
roof as a sun porch. That cat sleeps anywhere.

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