Monday, June 20, 2011

Two New Fish...And Baby Makes Three

Husbeast and I traveled to Petsmart this morning, to get some new friends for Squiggy. The fish there looked much better than those at Petco. We picked out these 2 handsome specimens.

Mo (short for mohawk) has a black stripe on his head and black tipped fins. The other one is Peanut, since the previous Peanut wasn't around for long and they look similar. When I floated the bag in the pond they immediately started wriggling, trying to get out. And Squiggy was trying just as hard to get in and meet them.

First he tried going under the bag.
That's his big head underneath.

Then he tried to wiggle in behind the bag.

And finally he just visited them through the side.

Once they were all in the pond together, they went and hid. I was trying to catch a glimpse of them, but instead I spotted....a little teeny fry. One of Leni and Squiggy's offspring had hatched and avoided being gobbled up by his/her daddy. Now that there were 3 hungry bigger fish in the pond the little baby didn't stand a chance. After 3 attempts I finally managed to catch it and put it in a jar. Isn't it adorable?

I'll keep a lookout for any surviving siblings. In the meantime I need to find out what the little thing can eat.

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